Senin, 21 Februari 2011

my unfinished amigurumies collection

Look at here, I had collected some parts of my unfinished amigurumis.
Most of them are make by request, but canceled by my client or they had changed their mind for one to another character, so I collected them in a container but never have enough time to rearrange them.
Some are had a completed bodies parts , but had not yet sewn.
Some are just heads, legs, or hands.
I've decide to rearrange them and post them here one by one, but ...just wait to little bit moment, coz I must to finish some order first and also Naruto amigurumi for my dearest nephew, for He had waited this with calm ^ ^
'thanks dear and I'm sorry for waiting so long'

And this is for me:
'Jia you...Jia you...I can do it...I can do it'
April would be all to my self, just my ideas and ready stock only, I had rather boring to repeating some character >.<>
ehmm ....I think my mood is not good today :(
but, just looking at my amigurumis and making new character made my mood little easy
so here we go..............

This is supposed to be a purple cat, but I prefer purple bear
and at his left leg is Mr. Koala, hadn't yet finished of course ^ ^

this one ~green and yellow~is supposed to make a dragon ~cute dragon ^ ^ ~
and there are melody too
above is 'too big' evening gown for Hello Kitty amigurumi, made from pink fury yarn with dark silver acrylic yarn for lace.

'It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them'

Just match with my mood today, being deceived...grrrrr

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