Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Big Size Amigurumi

Actually I had no time for making another amigurumi order until end of March, but I can't resist to made big version of Hello Kitty, so I agree to made this Big Head of Hello Kitty.

And I'd miscalculation about yarn....wkwkwk this big head of HK made from four and half skein of acrylic yarn and 400gr of silicon.....

After all I loved the result. Honestly I'd little bit afraid with the result, coz Hello Kitty is a famous character , and made the big one isn't the same with the small one. interuption actually.

Below are another big size Amigurumi all around 30 -40 cm,

Sleepy old Indian Tiger :(

Perfect body but sleepy face :))

Black and White Cats

Simple but Cool aren't they?

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