Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

Pink Kitty Angel

Actually this hello kitty angel must be finished before valentine, but I'd a lot a lot of works.. at least she is finished on February ... LOL

This angel is not hard to make, and the pattern is available in japanese... yey...huraay !!! sooo you can make this lovely adorable angel kitty yourself ...wow!!!

According the pattern the kitty is all white and both hands holding a pink heart but I think she more lovely in pink, so my version is she wore a pink dress and pink panties with white lace beneath and pointed one of her hand (or finger??) at her mouth ( has she ? ) when the other one holding a pink heart.

My fave are her wings and also her panties which embroidered with cute little pink heart.

and next kitties would be coming soon

See you at the next project .. hope it would be soon :D

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