Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

The latest order Sanrio Amigurumi

This is not sanrio * I know :D* this one my monkey long leg hehehe not daddy long leg ...

long leg monkey for sure :))

aren't they really look like on the cloud???


Sweet and lovely My Melody

These was the latest order of 2'nd 'Sanrio Amigurumi' but I have not yet made them all, just partially of them...

Not like years before, this time the process not smoothly as I want. The interruption comes much than I can bear, bussiness travel, foreign guest, date line ... etc *though amigurumi progress had date line too*

Under the time pressured, I tried to manage for making the same or even more finest amigurumi.

Last, I do hope the new owner of my amigurumies would love it ^^

Coming next are Hello Kitty, still the very same as before, with her little brown bear but this time I must arrange 10 of them.

I'd also made some present for my handsome niece but I will keep to next post :))

oh yeah I'm in the progress on making harvest mice and a lot...a lot of idea in my head ... though I had two hands only then it's just the time to consider.

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