Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

What am I doing today ?

I'm not on the way of making amigurumi like always and this is make me sad

But duty is duty right ? and I would like to share my journey this week ...

Actually I must post it at another blog of mine...

but because this week I'd already refused so many order for making amigurumi and even my last PO from my dearest costumer didn't finished yet ... I would love to post it here ^^

And I'm very sorry for not accepting all the request ... hope I would be able to make amigurumi again 'asap' ... but for just now my main job is about Plumeria and Coral Grass...

These weeks are very busy with hunting healthy coral grass... because of the weather, most of the coral grass has a disease...
All of my journey is about 4 to 5 hours drive or 10 hours round-trip, and
because some dishonesty most of the time I have to go home without any results but *pegel pegel *
Below are my documentation ... at least it's very pleasure to doing one of my hobby ..... phothography :))



'lovely disease'

lovely because they look like angel hairs...

~ if angel hairs are green :)) ~

harvesting coral grass

most of the worker are women

' life can't be so easy... but how lovely life can be if we may live in peace'

and to remember,

Peace of heart is disturbed by passions; so if you do not allow passions to approach the heart, it will always remain at peace..

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