Kamis, 21 April 2011

My Clea ( Knitted Doll )

This is my Clea, I'm running out of ideas for naming my doll and my daughter agreed about using her name :))

look at me dear.....yes...smile....'click' ....ehm lovely

the part of my favorite are legs and her pants :)

I made her from winning award pattern, and had some difficulty when made her hair. As you can see her hair are not even neatly. But knitted the doll is very fun, relaxing, healing and addicting.

My favorite Knitted doll designer is Alan Dart, He is very talented on designing characters knitted doll from children's stories, like Petter Rabit and friends, Dickensian mice, Jack Frost, and many more.

But girls at Winning Award pattern are very adorable, and the doll legs are shaping not simply like cucumber ...LOL
Oh...I loved her so much and not bear to give her away, so I keep her for my self. She is so soft and very cute to play with.

I want to make a lot a lot of knitting doll but...alas I have just a pair of hands, and amigurumi are on the first list.

Then my desire must be set aside for a moment..........or not just a moment.....

willy-nilly... amigurumi are stil fun to make too :-))

Indah ~ Charlene's Benang

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