Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Chi Chai Monchan Amigurumi with his bananas...

When I crocheted Chi Chai Monchan's bananas I'm always think about pineapple ^^

you know why...because it's sweet memories about two monkey with pineapples.

If you have little children who take a piano class at Yamaha may know this song. Happily simple tune that the children beggining to learn how to use two finger at keyboard and how to match the rhythm.

But I loved the song and stayed in my head while I was crocheted them :)) ~ though I haven't listened to this song for years ~

I think, I would like to make one or two monkey with pineapple on their head aahhh... for sweet memories sake ( ^w^ )

At the first Chi Chai Monchan, I'm not yet made those bananas, but this time I'd manage to make them though to crocheted those tiny bananas are not easy but I'm pleased with the result ^^

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