Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

My old Amigurumi

My old amigurumi... yeah ...and some of them are my *not to sale* stuff

some because they are not perfect to sale but perfect enough for my self, for I loved them all.
The piglet above has story behind, I'm a newcomer for amigurumi that time, and had some great difficulty for read the pattern whether the pattern are on japanese or english.
So it's just made my head ache and slept just 4 hours a day, and forgot all my duties for whole 3 days :(
But I don't give it up.....yeah....I almost proud of my self eh
and the result is not bad...afterward the piglet still mine ..... oh no no, not precisely mine tough coz I gave it to my daughter.

The Boy and The Girl above are request from A Lady and she sent me the pattern ...
luckily the pattern is not too hard to read =)

this one is my favorite, and had a lot fans too...do you agree with me o.O

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